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Originally Posted by IntegrityHndywrk View Post
Yeah i know there is usually one plastic gear. look at this link to the wow hobbies servo that is a 09-9. It should be the same servo i have here.

The gear arrangement on the wow hobbies photo and my servo are very,very obviously different. As for the plastic gear not stripping. LOL, Well it did. its the only gear with any damage at all out of all 3 servos. I checked them all, greased the reaming 2 good servos and rerouted the wires also.
Looking at it more closely it obviously is different, the one plastic gear stripping on you is unfortunate, but i think is just bad luck, the only thing i can think of that would strip the first gear in a series like this not a crash but the servo extents may be set up incorrect and the micro motor itself may have stripped it.

Originally Posted by IntegrityHndywrk View Post
The reason i say i got a bum deal with the RX and servos is because, maybe its hard to see in the picture. But my RX has the Aile and elevator switches both in the OFF position and reversed in the TX. Soooo..... Plus looking at the photo from wow hobbies and my servo. I think i have a 09-8 servo with a 09-9 sticker or lid on it. But i have no way to tell since this is my first v450, purchased used.
Again unfortunate, but the broken and reversed dips should have no effect as you can reverse in tx, as for the sticker could be, but this doesn't look like an 08 either, 08 has more plastic...

Originally Posted by IntegrityHndywrk View Post
As for the price i actually got a good deal on it. But the ESC burned out on the second pack and now i might need to get a new RX. So its value is beginning to diminish. Still a good deal:

$470 shipped.

Looking at the pictures in the link above from when i got the helicopter. I can now obviously see what cased the ESC to burn out. The RX wire was not only laying over components that get hot inside the ESC. But the previous owner tie wrapped right over it and cinched it down. Plus the ESC is on upside down, in my opinion. The aluminum cooling plate is pressed against the fame of the helicopter. Just my opinion but it should be facing the down draft from the rotor.
regarding the ESC, possibly, but i tend to think that walkera way overestimates the amperage rating of these ESC's and its a bad pair with the TA motor. also the power supply in the ESC is not a switching supply so eccess power is let off as heat causing the ESC to burn out easy on heavy draw. the walkera ESC is rated at 40a and my new Align is 35a and runs much cooler with no problems at all even with my heavy payload...
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