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Originally Posted by Larry Jolly View Post
I have about an hour on Esser's X2 last year in Lodi, Italian F3J Eurotour.
Having flown with Esser on our team, I would consider taking a Standard Explorer with me to the worlds. The X2 will not float with a standard Explorer in dead air. Also consider a 3.8 which is Primos and Essers choice, the span thing again.You can compensate by launching higher,ie longer tow in questionable conditions. It was another windfest in Dupnitsa and poor Esser got killed in the last round when he could not get his X2 heavier than 2.4 kilos in admittably tough conditions. I picked up his model in round 6 and and spun around and said your kidding right??? Esser said in his polite manner Abi I am so sorry I cannot make this model heavier. I just flew in the group before at 3 kilos which is a full load of Tungsten in my Prestige. There was nothing We could do to survive this round. I felt very bad for Esser he has emerged as the top Explorer pilot in F3J Eurotour.
We are on the same page there.

I will have a compliment of ST X2's and SL's X2's at the WC - Ill likely be entering the a 3.5 and 3.8 X2's one will be an SL likely the 3.5 . Ill register my 4.0 standard with a light fuse for dead air - That should cover it. IN active rounds ill fly the X2's and like any other round just make sure I find lift (easier said than done) and in rounds where I think its going ot be a launch and hang contest ill go for a longer tow on the 4.0 - in between ill be using the 3.8 X2 -

I am ordering tungsten rods for ballast. I have not got them in my hands yet but 16 inches of 1/2 D tungsten rod will get me about 880 GR - no idea with proper CG how much I can fit but I should know soon. The standard rod is 19 and 3/4 inches long so im hoping I can potentially fit it all in and possibly add some nose weight to make up the CG difference. There is a lot of room for more lead in the nose easily 3 onces more if needed to. I only used 14 gr to get my X 2 to 115.

I compared my ballast expectations to Arend and I think I am even lighter than he is expecting to jam into his maxa. ... really though if 90 oz of aircraft is not going to be enough ill be in a whole new world. Ive never even flown in conditions that need THAT kind of ballast...yet I am watching for spring storms in BC though!
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