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I would say that is a bad idea, the stress of the batteries pulling on the board in a crash would crack the board. Maybe.

I gorilla glued my cables to the board and have crashed a ton!. I use the gorilla glue that says 2x stronger dries white. I love it! Plus, I would rather have the battery go flying off in a crash. The less weight that can be shed in a crash means less damage to the heli.

I brought the question to the table before. I wanted to know if I should glue the landing gear in place. If having it glued meant the battery would stay in place too. In a crash the weight of the battery and landing gear is adding to the weight of the heli. All of that weight smashing the heli. Now think of the crash without the weight of the battery and landing gear. The crash would be less substantial. PLus, I would think damage to the landing gear would be less too if it pops off instead of the whole weight of the heli pushing on it in a crash.

Think of all the weight of the battery ripping itself from the plug you soldered in from a crash. That is a lot of stress, and it might be at a weird angle too.

Glue the wires to the board and they will never come off. i have had huge crashed, enough to break the canopy in three pieces, the boom snap,and a pinion lost in one crash. The battery went flying and so did the landing gear. The battery was perfectly fine.

Its just my opinion but I just dont think its a good idea.
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