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The potentiometer screw needs a little dot drawn on it. The settings I had posted on the previous page are with the flat part of the screw opposite of the settings. A dot needs to be placed opposite of the flat part of the screw. Be careful though, do not put go over the 11 -1 o'clock spot with the pot/screw. I have done it but it isnt advised. The potentionmeter wipe strip isnt under the spot from 11-1 o'clock. Excessive turning of the pot will lead to wear of the carbon strip. Also be careful after setting the screw, the heli can be adjusted to the extremes.
If you dont have your transmitter properly tuned then you wont see the full effect of the potentiometer settings. I use Manny's settings here: it says devo 12 but it will work for any devos. These radio settings are very touchy, and coupled with the pot. set on extreme- look out!

One more thing, I don't know if my heli is an exception or not but I had a problem with one of the pot settings. I think I had the flat part of the pot. screw facing 4 o'clock so other end was around 10/11 oclock. I was trying to do flips/inverted with that setting and the heli would violently shake after coming out of inverted hover. It would shake for a second or two and would stop. it would only happen after a flip or coming out of inverted hover. When it happened I had no clue what was going on. I started to think if I changed anything, and remembered adjusting the screw. I have a brushless esc in the way and couldnt tell what the screw was adjusted at. I thought I had it adj. to 2 o'clock with the flat part at 7o'clock, since that seems to be the most extreme setting.

happy flying.
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