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Originally Posted by IntegrityHndywrk View Post
Okay, I have some questions as well as some things to show. I think I kinda got a bum deal here with this heli's RX and servos.

First. I was looking at the wow manual and user manual for how to program the RX and all that. Since I'm generally used to the 2618 or smaller RXs that don't quite program the same way. It says that all of the dip switches have to be in the on position. So.. The tabs on 2 of my dip switches look broken off. I didn't mess with them but who else here thinks I'm kinda screwed here? (See picture below)

Second. My rudder rod guide tube appears to be broken in the middle (see picture) The tube pieces are secure, should I just replace it? Also, it broke because the horizontal stabilizer does not secure tightly to the boom. It has machine screws holding the stabilizer rods on. Should these be tapping screws to bite into the boom, like my 4f200, or maybe my machine screws are too short?

Third. This heli was supposed to be a wowhobbies MGS-Pro helicoper. Take a look at the pictures of the servos and gears inside them. Tell me whats up here? Are these really 9-8s or 9-9s? If they are 09-8s will it matter that the single replacement i purchased is a 09-9? Also take a look at the terrible solder job on the servo I stripped in the crash, it had a 1mm or more bare leads on the wire. Plus the solder point. I also took the suggestion of others here and moved the wires around on the good servos so the wires do not short from running hot.

Fourth. After replacing my main gear, the gear base and sleeve were like exploded. Is this normal after a crash? The sleeve was in pieces and the roller bearing in the base fell apart as well. Quite crazy. No pictures of that though. So i looked at my belt. It has some spots where some of the teeth are a little flatter than the rest, but basically still teeth. Should i also just replace this or will it hold out? these teeth are so big compared to my other belt helicopters. I don't want to waste a belt for nothing, and i don't want to crash because of a stupid belt again either.

And lastly, Turns out my FS is an Align. So more than likely the Align dampeners will probably work in this head. I'm still going to try the trueblood green ones. But inspection of mine resulted in like new condition. I'm assuming the previous owner crashed this heli and decided to stop paying for it and sell it.
Let me first say im sorry my answers are out of order but i kinda get ADHD when i read long posts like this lol

Sorry to hear about your v450 woes, Ive got to say as long as you get the latest wow hobbies pro servos they actually hold up quite nice (except for the wires crossing over the FET's, but that can be fixed) I have the same pro version from WOW and ive had a couple issues with the ESC and BEC but after swapping that for an align 35a ive been great.

The single plasitc gear in the servos you show is normal for all metal servos, you need something along the drive that has a little give, thats what it is for, and its soo far down the order of gears that it wont strip in a crash.. my servos have been through some very tough crashes and i havent lost one yet! (of course i also re ran the wires so as not to go over FET's). PS always keep all your swash servos the same make model and version!!!

As far as the machine screws vs self tappers, im not exactly sure which set you are referring to but if i remember correctly all the screws holding my stabilizer assimbley together and on boom where machine, but you can check the explode diagram and this should tell you what it SHOULD be

as far as the receiver/flybarless unit there's no way i can have a single complaint about this, its flat out worked great and given me better performance and handling than ones twice the cost, as far as dips go all 4 of mine are in the ON position, so thats ok, youll never need to change those.

Yes replace the guide tube for the servo arm, you do not want your servo binding here and its so cheap why wouldn't you do it anyway!

As far as the main gear bearing id say thats too important to try and fix, go ahead and replace the one way bearing, same thoughts on belt, but this time use a little lithium grease on it, it will help prolong its life.

And as long as your blade tracking looks good and your not getting any funky vibes id say your FS are fine

When you say burn deal... do you mind me asking what you paid for it? and by reading you post it doesent seem there's really much that's non functional here, theres a couple parts in need of replacing but that seems it, you should have a fully functional heli in as long as it takes UPS to deliver your one way bearing which is all that i believe has you grounded here.
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