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Originally Posted by LevTor View Post
I need to change the boom. How do guys you do it? I was thinking of the following.
- remove the heat shrink and unsolder the wires so I can slide off the boom.
- replace the boom (does the wire easily slides back to the boom?)
- solder back the wires and heat shrink it.

Is this how you guys do it?
I just changed my boom yesterday, I removed the heat shrink tube at plug side by using a small sharp scissor, did it carefully not to damage the wire inside, unsoldered the power wire, it was not difficult. Removed the boom from the main body. Straightened the copper wire and removed the tail motor from boom bit by bit carefully since the broken boom may damage the coating of the copper wires. I inserted the copper wire into the new boom and slowly push the wire until reached to the other end of the boom, inserted the boom into main body, make sure the copper wire comes out from the top of the hole, inserted new shrink tube, I use 1.5mm shrink tube. I soldered the copper wire back to the power cord with matched wire color, heated the shrink tube by a lighter carefully, the lighter should not place too close to the wires otherwise the wires will be melted and damaged.

The work was not too difficult.

Today I am going to find a good socket which I can soldered on the receiver to fixed the power cord damage problem.
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