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Any preliminary picture would be worth more than 1000 words.
Just to see whether I should look forward or forget..
As for me, LCD display will be very important point to consider. Well and sliders that are missing in 9x.

Anyway, 9x, with PPMX and the whole telemetry support, is still here. And even Gruvin9x Custom board, with ATMega2560 and some advances like rotary encoders and so on (but only the board cost double than whole 9x) ..
So, You can have anything You wish with FrSky module - already.
- but still ony the same 9x small LCD, that is why LCD is here the point of interrest IMHO
Well, did You notice that Aurora9 has the same Atmega2560 as Gruvin custom board? I am just curious whether the ER9x will appear ported there, once.. That display is big enough, just at the wrong place (bottom).
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