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Welcome RichardInBremWA, from a resident of the land of the big red rock, out in the middle of nowhere...

How's the weather in Seattle, or are you elsewhere within that beautiful state of Washington?

You should get a special medal for wading through all that cr*p to get here at page 142, you are to be commended for your efforts.

I loved the story you told of the lengths you went through to recover your bird, it make me chuckle lightly...

I hardly use Heli-X now I have PhoenixRC and will soon have Realflight to train 6ch CP heli's on.

A four channel heli is a big step up from a 3.5ch IR heli, especially jumping up to a 180 sized bird. If you are looking for a challenge, and still wish to keep up your 4ch skills, but wish to fly inside, try a Xieda 9958 or a Nine Eagles BravoSX (scale bodied MD500e), they both love to fly indoors and outside, both really scoot along in full flight forward (FFF), are fairly robust and are kind to the pocket when the enivitable crash occurs (the Xieda 9958 being the cheapest of the two, and the most crashworthy).

The only advise I can offer is grab a decent programmable charger and the Akku 7.4vdc 900mAh LiPo we have reffered to many times in this thread. You may probably be aware of what items break or fail on occasion, so stocking up on them at home eliviates the stress of waiting for parts from china.

We are all in the transition stage now of progressing from the DH9116 onto our choice of 6ch heli's. I preferred to take the difficult option by staying with the micro-sized heli's and purchased a 200sized Walkera 4F200LM "Lama" - a highly detailed scale version of the Aerospatiale SA 315-B. I'm slowly learning to fly it in between crashes and waiting for parts, but soon I'll be flying a Walkera Genius CP, as soon as it arrives here from China, which hopefully should be within the next 5 - 10 days or so (it left Bejing, China on Thursday, 26th April 2012).

Keep us informed of your progress and don't hestitate to ask a question if you are in difficulty.

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