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Dear FrSky Users
I just registered in RC Group and interested in the new FrSky radio.
I just upgraded all my radio gears from Optima Rx on JR Tx. It is really great telemetry Rx/Tx, which I got from the prompt and reliable Aloft. I am very much interested in the future Radio from FrSky, who is reasonable, advanced and open-mind company. I hope FrSky is successful in the RC society.
Many are disscussing on the LCD display, but I'd like to point out the size of LCD display. Renatoa posted the size of LCD, as 212*64 LED back-light LCD. Comparing with FrSky FLD-02-LCD which has 128*64 resolution and by estimating from the photo, it looks like 2.5cm*5 cm size. Then the 212*64 LCD will be 2.5 cm*8.3 cm size only. It is quiet small pannel, if my estimation is right. I wish to have the bigger LCD pannel for telemetry data, I will pay more for that.
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