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Howdy, Everyone! I finally made it all the way through this "thread." (More like a transoceanic cable!) I feel like I know many of you already.

A little about myself:
Name: Richard
Location: Bremerton, Washington (15 miles west of Seattle)
Helis: Art-Tech Firefox (indoor flying); Double Horse 9116 (outside - Too dangerous in the house!); Most of an EXI Pro SE 450.
Simulator: Heli-X for my MacBook. (Couldn't get the Windows simulators to run in my virtual PCs)
9116 Modifications: Rare-earth magnets and Velcro for canopy; air frame modification to accommodate longer Tenergy 900 mAH LiPo: Velcro on the belly to loft a micro camera.

I've learned quite a lot from my month-long reading of this encyclopedia. Too bad I didn't get to Stormy's tips before I reinvented the wheel and repeated his trial-and-errors! On the bright side, I didn't get around to oiling every moving part before I read about the motor fouling. In this case, procrastination paid off!

Unlike you fanatics here, I can't afford to buy every heli that strikes my fancy… I'm on a budget. Got hooked on the hobby after I received a tiny IR coaxial for Christmas… Wore the motors out in a month. Got the Firefox cuz it was under 80 USD. I thought that one more channel can't be much different from 3. Crashed and broke the Firefox the first day and continued to repair and crash it for about a month. I was a rookie pilot, but I got up to speed as a flight mechanic very quickly! I've now progressed to the point where I can effectively harass the dogs at will.

Shortly after the Firefox, I wanted a heli I could effectively fly outdoors. Got the DH 9116 because, it too was under 80 USD. Took it out to a local park and ran out of juice over someone's back yard. She seemed a bit confused, at seven in the morning, to have a man at her front door asking to retrieve his crashed helicopter from her property. After work, I thought I could do better. When I got home from work, I took it up again. This time, I lodged it firmly, 20 feet up in the neighbor's noble fir. She seemed a bit confused, at seven at night, to have a man at her front door asking to retrieve his crashed helicopter from her tree! Took me about 45 minutes with a 15-foot orchard ladder and an 8-foot PVC pipe to knock the errant aircraft from its perch in the branches. Practice makes perfect and I no longer have to knock on other people's doors to retrieve my bird.

Being on a budget, I've been slowly building-up a 450-class heli. I've got the body, TX, RX, and tools. This coming payday, I'll get the remaining items to actually start putting it all together. Once again, I arrogantly thought that 6 channels can't be much different than 4; the simulator proved otherwise.

That should have bored you enough for now. I look forward to your future posts.
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