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If anything the Cross Country Soaring community has embraced technology more so than most other aspects of RC soaring. We score the contests with GPS, most gliders have variometer and altitude telemetry. Many of us have experimented with gyros, airspeed sensors, and other techno gadgets. We welcomed team ALOFT to participate in our events. If you are not familiar with ALOFT it was a project headed by Dan Edwards in which he designed and constructed a glider/drone that would fly a cross country task completely autonomously. It worked quite well. While his accomplishment was truly innovative and amazing, when we flew against team ALOFT we were competing against Dan's ingenuity as a programmer not as pilot against pilot.

Speaking for myself, all this has lead me to the conclusion that yes we should welcome technological advancements but not at the expense of changing the basic aspect of our sport which is a test of piloting and soaring skills. That is why most of us have no problems with the transmitting of information to the pilot but we draw the line when the pilot relinquishes control to a device.

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