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Those are looking great guys!

I do a hardpoint on my wings for the blade as well:

-Cut slot for blade
-Hollow out foam around blade area with bent wire for hardpoint
-Put a piece of masking tape on bottom of slot
-Cut a line on the masking tape the length of the slot (this will let the blade through, but not the epoxy mixture)
-Roughen blade around the midpoint where it attaches to the wing
-Mix up some epoxy with chopped carbon tow
-Fill the slot and surrounding area with mixture, make sure no more bubbles
-Slide in the blade
-Make small fillet with mixture between blade on wing (on top side)
-Remove tape when cured, should have a fillet on the bottom too, formed when pushing blade through the tape slot.

Hope to get a Dbox prototype flying by late May so we can start rolling out production Dbox planes early June.
I'm working on the manual as well, hope to get that out soon, bear with me for a little bit guys. In the meantime, don't hesitate to post any questions and I'll answer them as soon as I can.

Will have my travels for the flaperons and elevator posted later tonight.

Art, I would recommend using the provided blade. It is less draggy than a peg, places your fingers slighter further at the tips because of the double curve, and is much more comfortable (especially after an hour of throwing!)
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