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I found my swashplate wasn't level, so I decided to level it. Looking at the aileron servo on the left side the servo arm looked like it was pointing downwards from horizontal, by about 1 notch. I removed the arm and repositioned it, all looked well...until I moved the controls! The servo didn't move, but started buzzing. I pulled it apart and found about 3 teeth on the servo shaft (Better description?) were flattened

I took all precautions I could think of, yet this still happened. The only thing I can think of is they stripped when I undid the screw I did put my finger under the arm, to support it, and yes, the power was off on helo and Tx, so not sure what caused it. Anyway, I swapped the 2 servos and the right side works perfectly on the left.

So anyway, I think I will replace both servos. Any suggestions on what I should use? They're only small, measuring 20mm x 8mm x about 14mm deep (Mounting flange to end). The shaft is about 11mm proud of the mounting flange.

I was thinking about HK Metal Gear ones (I'll do both, as the OEM ones are obviously crap!). Is there anything I need to order? I guess these will be digital?
Sorry, RC stuff is all new to me

Edit; These ones seem to be the same size;
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