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Walk of Shame Season :)
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Plow our best to your bro and you man thats tough to take I'm sure.
and glad to hear you had at least 5 taxi backs My ME109 has crashed everytime up except 1 flight where it just nosed over but has yet to taxi back to me 1 single time and for this reason I keep repairing I've had it for over 2 years now and have rebuilt it at least 4 times and the other times were just trying to get the firewall back tightened, Its just way under powered lol But I can't throw it away yet. I don't have the heart lol. I hate this composit ARF it is now my nemesis. She will taxi back to me Or I'm changing my name to Mrs Nesbitt !!

That was an awesome presentation of a B-29 just wicked and extremely impressive

David Awesome I wasn't expecting you to do 3D with the external tank LOL I thought you just wanted it for long distance FPV flights so I thought that was an easy solution but I have to say it looks pretty Hip On TV240 glad its working out well.

Kerwin Good grief man Thats a bummer for sure I know you've been waiting paitently to have fun with the green machine sorry to hear that, Now quit dawdling around and get busy I wanna see that thing in the air.

And Yes there is a Santa..... Snowman has proved it to me
I Wonder what waldo's (possibly mrs Nesbitt) Building now.
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