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Can I ask- do you all have the brake on your ESCs programmed 'on' in your bixlers/sky surfers- so the prop doesn't 'windmill' with the throttle off , producing more drag, when gliding?- with the less drag, more likely to glide for further and extend our FPV flights (I would have thought at least)- also the easy star II is either out now or soon to be out and amongst other features it comes with a folding prop- wondered if this could work on our bixlers/sky surfers (if we could get hold of it of course)- the easy star 2 folding prop is unusual as most folding props of course are designed for gliders with props on the nose but naturally in regards the easy star/ss/bixler- it's pushing and therefore needs to fold in the other direction- unless there are other similar folding props out there..
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