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Originally Posted by Easyrydr View Post
Let me start by saying I love hobby king. Ive placed atleast 9 orders from them now over the years, getting some good deals ande never had problems.
The last order was placed on feb 24th. It was a decent order, costing 100.00 for the 7-21 day shipping.
then on 3-3 the order shipped. Didnt see anything in tracking until 3-24, when it updated to "MIAMI" UNCLAIMED, parcel sent back .I live in Callahan Fl. 300+ miles from miami. Luckily i have a friend who works in the post office sorting center in the next town.After making some calls for me to MIAMI, We find out MIAMI -Hileah areas have a 33011 area code, MINE is 32011, 1 digit off. I have since been on with online support 3 times and of course they always start with OH YOU DIDNT PICK IT UP! UM WHAT???? from 300+miles away? and they have always delivered it to my house in the past. Then its "well we have to wait til the package returns to start an investigation" ANd " we will email you when we find out something"Its been over a month now since it was put on a plane headed back to them. i think it ought to back to them now. Theyre online help has been OFFLINE for days now, trouble tickets take 10+ days to answer. Went on their facebook page and posted my troubles and all they could say was please contact customer service. Come on Hobbyking PEEPS thhis is NO WAY TO TREAT GOOD CUSTOMERS.
The problem is that you think your a good customer. That's fine, but they don't think of you the same way, you're nothing but a dollar sign to them. Treat HK like the cheap prostitute that they are and all will be fine. As long as your getting the goods for the agreed upon price, every things fine. Treat them like an upscale lady and you'll get bitten, your just a John after all. The first sign of trouble, dispute with PP or your CC. Once you involve the 'manager', the 'walker' gets in line quick.
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