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OK... so I seem to have hit a road block in what has so far been a straight forward and fast build.

I am running the NAZA FC, and have opted for Assan mems gyros instead of the HK 401s. I am running the Turnigy MG930 servos (as recommended on the Ecilop website).

Because there are no "step by step" instructions on how to set up the servos/gyros/ flight controllers I am trying to figure this out a bit blind, but I can't seem to get the camera to stabilize at all yet (moving the drone by hand, not flight testing yet).

Here is how I went about it.

1- Balanced the flight battery and camera mount as per the manual. This was fairly easy.
2- installed the servos/springs
4- Attached the servos DIRECTLY to the NAZA gimbal outputs. This was to get the end points and gains on the NAZA set up correctly for the Ecilop. I succeeded in getting close to what I think are OK gains, but there seems to be a mechanical delay between the servo movements and the camera gimbal due to the springs. This problem is then compounded when the camera gimbal seems to "bounce" left and right and forward and aft under the spring tensions.
5- I figured, maybe this was why the gyros are required, so connected these up (as per Alexsey's instructions) with the gain leads connected by Y lead to my receiver. This gave me a problem as I had run out of outputs on my receiver so I had to sacrifice the tilt control to do this.
6- I set the directions on the gyros, and tried all sorts of different gain settings but couldn't improve the delay or bounce described earlier, and certainly couldn't get anything close to a stabilized camera gimbal.

I am sure I am doing something stupid and have complete faith in the Ecilop but I can't seem to get past this problem.

I can think of a few reasons why this would happen:

-Servos are too slow - unlikely though as they were recommended by Ecilop
-Gyros not adequate - could be, but these should work as good as or better than the 401s.
-I haven't set the electrics up correctly - probably! But lack of information available on the correct setup means I can't be sure.
-The NAZA isn't suitable for the Ecilop - potentially but I can't see a good reason for this.

I am hoping that the RCGroups community, or Aleksey might be able to point me in the right direction!

Overall I am impressed with the Ecilop Easy, but I just think that for idiots like myself, we need more information on the setup of the camera gimbal and electronics.

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