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First Flight Report!!!

Today was a great day to maiden even thought it was pretty warm out (near 90). Light breeze and plenty of lift. I am still getting it sorted out as this is my first rudderless plane but i think i have the CG set right now. This is also my first introduction to the Zone V2 airfoils.

Initial build weight with CG around 75mm was 266 grams or about 9.3 oz. Pretty light. After dive testing I put 3 pennies in the nose so its probably closer to 270 now. Still really floaty thought with this much wing area.

Man this plane is slippery! It moves around really well, no problems zooming around the sky. The amazing thing is that with a bit of camber, she slows down for really nice thermal turns. Launches are pretty nice but I am getting a bit of a buzz so i'll be tracking that down. Otherwise this is a really easy to fly plane with great potential. I'll continue to give updates as i get more experience with it but I am really happy so far.

As an side note, there should be no need to wrap the peg with anything. The proper way to mount a peg is the following:

1. drill hole for peg. make sure its tight.
2. use a piece of music wire and heat to melt out a small 1 inch area around the peg.
3. tape over hole
4. find the ends of the empty area and poke air holes around the sides, 3 to 4 per half
5. mix up a bunch of epoxy and micro balloons
5. pour into plastic baggie
6. cut a small corner off of baggie
7. inject epoxy into bottom hole until it starts to come out of air holes.
8.clean up and put some tape over bottom
9. wait to dry
10. re-drill hole for peg and glue

This is SOLID!

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