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Originally Posted by Ginohio View Post
I have a question on this step, did you fit the rear wing plate with the magnet with the little rubber spacers that were in the bag? I didn't see where else they would go and it seems to make that wing plate more flush. Thanks for the Great work I am on this step now...the darn tape took a good 30 minutes to get on the tail. Bad eyes didn't

Wrt the tape - I'm sure glad I never had lasik done. I can just pull off my glasses and my 8+ diopter myopia gives me a near microscope view of tiny stuff. Now if I can just keep my hands from shaking...

Wrt the little rubber spacers, let's make sure we're talking about the same thing. I presume you're asking about these (click on the picture 1-3 times to zoom in):

Name: Stratos-Plastic.jpg
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I thought/think they're just spare plastic rings to squeeze the clevis pins that are on the ends of the control rods that connect to the rudder and elevator:

Name: Stratos-Plastic02.jpg
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What do you think?
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