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Finally went out and tested my new RCTimer 2200kv. Was quite windy so it was really hard to tell exactly how well it is compared, however it did seem to go against the wind pretty well at WOT, and climbed quite fast. It was also quite a bit quieter, almost silent compared to my old motor and prop. Still running 6x4, but this time everything is well balanced and there is NO vibrations. My AP worked flawlessly from dead stick to WOT. Made landing in stabilized mode easy with the strong cross wind :P.

Now I feel much more confident to fly to some limits... my next flight I am either going to climb full throttle up as high as I can until I have drawn out about 2000mah from my 2700mah battery. This gives me a good safe amount of power for what will probably be a long glide back down, or I am going to go in a straight line and see how far I can get before either video or RC control cut out. I am expecting 3km with my current setup (Probably climb to 1000 meters for cruising), though hopefully 4 (my current record is 2.24km), and that is using an omni on 2.4 (with 1 watt booster), no low pass filters for my 1.3Ghz video either.

I think my next step is a 2.4Ghz patch antenna since they are cheap, as well as a 1.3Ghz Helical, and low pass filters for both ground and plane (My 1 watt 2.4 booster creates a lot of noise up close to the vRX) which should help a bit too with range.

Unfortunately I think I broke my 5db 2.4 antenna off my TX in my backpack after flying today which is an RP-SMA antenna, and the only other antenna I have is SMA... So now I either need to fix it, use my radio with no booster (Which will limit me to about 1km range...), or find a way to connect an SMA antenna to an RP-SMA connector (not sure if I can just jump the two female holes to make it work with a piece of solid copper...), plus the one that broke is supposedly 5db (stock antenna that came with 2.4 amp), and I think my stock TX antenna is 2db gain, though they seem no different in size or design...
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