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Yes, that's correct: this is about a ground vehicle. What I found out by the way that the Lawmate 1.2 ghz 1000mw performs really bad on the lower mhz's like the channel 5 setting (1010 mhz) The ground limit with the standard antenna's is a mere 100 meters in that case.

Furthermore, these 1.2 ghz 7 dBi Omni antenna's perform even worse compared to the original antenna's on the Lawmate, either on the 1280 mhz setting or the 1010 mhz setting... They do improve on the recieving side a bit though, but it seems that 'longer is better' has a part in this too.

Speaking of 1280 mhz the Lawmate performs way better, but ground range stays limited to about 300 meters, that is WITH line of sight. This is again with the standard rubber ducky's. 1280 mhz does limit my 2.4 ghz link a bit more. I'd say about 20% loss in range. The 1010 setting improves the 2.4 ghz link keeping the loss around 10% range. I did use a 1500 mhz low pass filter by the way, but it doesn't really seem to help though...

So this is the reason I'm looking for antenna's with more horizontal gain. Of course I could get the 2500mw transmitter from Ready Made RC like this guy did with apparently great succes!

However as I understand it's a bit frowned upon using an transmitter output this high, and it's preferred to use better (tuned) antenna's before jumping ship to more drastic measures (and additional cost's). Also the 2500mw transmitter might kill my 2.4 ghz reciever's range a lot more...

So any idea's what antenna's best to built? Or buy? The 1.2 ghz 7dBi antenna's from ebay apparently don't do much good, and I was thinking I might need an antenna that's more resistant to ground reflection/multipath?
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