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7. Electronic gyroscopes are installed on the stabilizable part of the camera mount and prevent swaying.

The servo-mechanisms are connected to the gyroscopes, gyroscopes are connected to the onboard controller, and the controller is connected to the receiver. To control both gyroscopes (mode and gain), you can use one channel of the receiver or the programmable output of the onboard controller (single channel with Y connector or separate channels).

34. Turn the drone on and check the gyroscopes' reaction. Switch to reverse, if necessary. Use the "normal" mode for gyroscopes. Start with the maximum reaction value. If the servo gear starts vibrating, reduce the gyroscope reaction value. Push the battery with a finger: if it swings, increase the gyroscope gain value.

p.s. I'm using short soldered wires with no connectors.

Originally Posted by Jelico View Post
Its not in the FAQ's and I couldn't find it in the previous thread. I ma just curious really - the gyros are taking input from the FC which is effectively another gyro. It just looks to me like you would be able to get away with just the FC gimbal outputs, rather than both.

I am sure there is a good reason for it, but I am just curious as it adds a lot of complexity to the build. Understanding why might help me know how to set this up better.

At the moment there is very little info on how to set this type of camera mount up so I am looking for all the info I can get.

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