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Originally Posted by dbgood View Post
Also put it into a hover,it was ok but the when i punched it out of a hover ,it wasnt
to powerful or fast out of it..
Maybe run a 12x6,wonder how many watts i'll be pulling,esp if i was in the
low 700 watts with the APC 11x8.
dbgood, I ran my Omega 130g with a Xoar 12x6 in a EF Vanquish and While I don't remember what amount of watts In I was getting, It seems like it was in the mid 6oo's I didn't like the way it flew and went with a APC11x7e. You should try the 12x6 on the Osiris and see what you think about it. You might like it better than the APC 11x8e.

My 47" Osiris is set-up with a APC11x8e prop, 60A Cobra ESC, 130g Omega, and a 4s 14.8v 30c 2650mAh Lipo. It's pulling 45A and I'm getting about 630 Watts in or about 475 Watts to the prop. (It's a beast with this setup and weight) I have the airframe fine tuned and carry no coupling in knife edge in either directiion. I'd have to check my final C/G, But as I remember it's around 118mm. with that C/G I get just a slight push on inverted flight.

I run more throw on down elevator on both high rate and low and also reduce the expo for a better feel inverted.

The more you play with your Osiris, the more you will like it. Here's to many, many more enjoyable flights.

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