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I opened the box and went through the parts. My first impressions are very positive. The plane is nicely finished. I would say a step above my Habu-32 which is a very nice kit. The F-4 is a more complicated plane, so this is even more impressive. I'm thinking the wait for QC issues was worth it.

I have glued the angled wing tips on, The fit is very nice, the seams are tighter than the Habu-32. This appears to be true for the wing to fuse fit as well. The seam is tight, and even, there was a small gap in the Habu-32.

The canopy, and fan compartment hatch are held on by a pin and magnet system. I have experienced problems with magnetic hatches in the past. I prefer to ahve a spring latch as well just for safety. The fit is good, and they snap on pretty tight, so it may be ok. Still, I may add some latches.

The battery compartment is much smaller than on the Habu-32. I'm thinking it will be much more difficult to go with high cell count, high power, setups on this plane than it is with the Habu-32. You won't be able to do it with width or height, so It looks like it will be have to be length. This will probably result in CG issues. I'm sure the clever people out there will find a way.

I may have time to do the hinges on the ailerons, and flaps tonight. We'll see...
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