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Originally Posted by Arkole Blake View Post
Just out of interest in this topic, I clicked on a local club, pulled up the list of nearby members and started clicking on random profiles. Many of the ones listed did not have visible locations listed so I would guess that it is indeed pulling the info off IP addresses.

Doesnt really bother me as my internet 'footprint' is wide and I have my location set here anyways. I'm sure that there are some that will, or would object if they discovered this tho. (Its not like most websites on the net dont already track this information anyway, but some people will freak about anything.)
As a programmer, a webmaster, and a professional in the industry, I can say for sure that almost all websites do indeed have the info, but to have it in a manner in which one can access and utilize that info is a different thing. By being able to see the location of someone on the map that chose not to set their information either intentionally or perhaps just because they didn't know how to, creates a privacy issue which is different then actually having the information.

What I do not know is whether it is stated in the terms of use that the information is captured, and used for the purpose of displaying on the map, and or there is an opt-out feature so that the information is NOT used on them for that purpose (therefor not show on the map at all).

I hate legalities and politics but as a professional in the industry I have to know about it all and see how silly and can be or can't be sometimes.
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