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Made me have a SERIOUS clear up in the workshop. I found all sorts of crap lurking about under benches such as 4 gallons of Methanol, 1 gallon of oil, 500 mills of Nitro-methane (used to mix my own but havent flown glow for years), thinners, half empty paint tins, odd bits of white foam, swept up piles of sawdust and shavings. What's more I have a rubber floor covering on the floor, if that had caught from the molten drips I I could have lost the house as well. Any one know what the best extinguisher is for a LiPo fire? I had a look around locally but all the extinguishers I found said "not to be used on metal or chemical fires" . Not much good for a LiPo then! Any not to be put off, I have cut out all the bunt wood and tissue, fitted new wood and re-covered and doped it. I will re wire the servos and test tonight but I think I will chuck the receiver. I did contemplate just leaving it as a charred burn out "Rat Gyro" with a smoke generator , would have looked a bit different on the flight line.
Hornby Mallard DCC sound smoke & lights (3 min 3 sec)
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