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Wanna See What Happens if you burst a LiPo in a RPG ?

Just had a hairy moment with a LiPo. I was just getting an RPG ready to balance the c of g and hang angle and slotted the LiPo in and it burst into flames. Just got it out of the workshop before it caught anything else on fire. Jesus it was close. The thing is I had just taken this battery off charge and I have no idea why it went up. It may have been damaged previously, it may have been punctured by something inside the airframe. Good job I was in the workshop with it. I have a few minor burns on my hands and singed hair as I carried outdoors. I filled the body up with water and it still gassed and smoked. I never never new LiPo's went up like that if they got punctured! It was like a firework going off, clouds of gassy smoke and then roaring flame. Phew what a lucky break! I bought a proper extinguisher today and had a good cleanup of rubbish in the shop as well. BIG WAKE UP CALL!!!
P.S. I now know what happened: I punctured the LiPo on a nose leg screw that was sticking into the battery bay by about 3 mm.
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