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Really its going to be up to you. Ive been told with full size aircraft a tail dragger will get airborne faster (less runway). Not to mention the fact that you can turn a larger prop as it will sit higher with the tail on the ground. But landing with a larger prop forces you to have to make a 3 point or near a 3 point landing to save the prop.

Ground handling in my opinion is better with a tail dragger. My reasoning for this compared trike gear is if you have to turn hard on the ground with a trike typically the nose wheel works like a pivot point the plane is more likely to tip. Where with a tail dragger your steering from the rear and the tail will swap ends and with little tip over tendancy.

Taking off is pretty much the same you still have to put in a little right rudder to keep it going straight to counter act the torque of the motor. But this is where a tail dragger excells over a trike. Once the tail is flying on a tail dragger you can almost forget about rudder inputs and concentrate on getting the plane airborne. Where with a trike your riding the rudder stick almost untill it gets airborne. But this will also depend on runway surface and wind conditions.

These statements are my opinions and experience's. Others may disagree. But Ive been told by full size aircraft pilots that REAL pilots fly taildraggers.
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