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Many people on this thread have suggested not to glue your fpv sky surfer fuselage halves together for easy re access to the innards of the fuse and instead tape the halves together- makes sense to me and I'm choosing not to glue with my build

I have painted my airframe and every time tape is removed, paint will come off with it-I'm sure I can get over it, but as an alternative or at least in addition to tape, what about holding the 2 fuse halves together with those Hobbyking rare earth magnets? I'll be using those magnets myself to hold the two wing halves together alone- will magnets alone, holding the fuse halves together be strong enough to hold everything inside? Will having a lot of magnets in a plane ( and the associated magnetic fields) interfere with all the electrical components ( osd, gps, Vtx, RX, antennas, camera etc) drastically? Will they add too much weight? What about rubber cement glue ( easy to remove with no damage to the foam) to hold the halves togther, possibly combined with magnets? Thanks for anyone's feedback and happy flying!
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