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Originally Posted by Eagle202 View Post
Congratulations on your new height record. I'm impressed.

I also have a head ache watching your video shake around.

Were you able to eliminate the other interference you had been getting before or did you just put distance between the two antennae?.
Some distance, a car, a laptop, and a Windsurfer directional on my omni, which actually helps a LOT, though there was some interference here and there but not too bad, I was getting a lot of rc glitches about 1.5km out and about 2000 feet up, I put that windsurfer on my antenna and it completely stopped glitching with exception to when I was accidentally aiming the thing a little off (you can see in the video when RTL kicks in).

It's the EZCap that is making everything jump, I wish my live view was what got recorded because it often is rock solid. I noticed the whiteness of my planes nose also contributed, so I put a graphic on my nose which did help a lot, but it's still quite bright. I saw an idea of putting some electrical tape on the top of the lens on the camera to act like a sunshade and I might try that tomorrow.
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