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CGY-750 with Aurora 9/Optima 9 & SBE-1 Encoder for FBL Heli Setup ;)

Originally Posted by Seasick78 View Post
Has anyone tested this yet with the CGY750? Are the gain settings for the two extra axis programmable via pmixes? The SBE-1 encoder is available now, so if it [can] work, has anyone done it?
I'll answer my own question...

FYI to any interested -

I have successfully setup a HiTecRCD system for use with the CGY-750 which will be used on a Whiplash Gasser as soon as it becomes available (I mean the very SECOND it becomes available ).

Using the SBE-1 encoder to enable use of the CGY-750 also provided FULL functionality of its features, to include Aileron and Elevator gain adjustment from the Tx; and selection from Norm/AVCS/& Throttle Hold in all flight conditions that I setup. Although I don't have the model yet, the good thing about the CGY-750 and A9 is that all settings can be verified via digital displays. This includes the governor settings in all flight conditions.

My setup includes the following:

- HiTec Aurora 9 (9 channel) TX
- HiTec Optima 9 (9 channel) Rx
- PowereEdge 3000 mAh LiFePo receiver pack
- Fromeco Arizona Regulator (w/pin flag switch)
- Stator Gator (with voltage jumper)
- JR DS8717 - Cyclic Servo Set (3)
- JR PS8900G - Throttle Servo
- JR PSMP80G - Tail Servo
- TRM Power 270TT Engine
- Century Torpedo V5 Muffler
- RCBooya Rear Canopy Mounts
- Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets (DH250D-FT-NI) from "Amazing Magnets .com" for Quick Release front Canopy Mounts

Eager to put it all in my model!

I am running the battery to the regulator via a deans connection. Two leads provide power to the CGY-750 via the regulator. The CGY-750 provides power to the servos via the SBus connector which goes to the SBE-1 encoder. The SBE-1 has 10 leads, 2 of which provide power to the Rx. Leads 1 through 9 are used and are numbered exactly as the default channels are laid out on the Optima 9 Rx.

I have a secondary on/off switch (JRPA001 Gold Deluxe) which is plugs into a standard servo type connector from another direct battery lead. On the switched side of the on/off switch I have a Y connector which supplies switched power to the Stator Gator, and directly to the Rx's SPC port. The SPC port supplies power to the Rx ONLY (seperate from the servos). This also provides me real time Rx pack voltage telemetry directly on to the Tx display.

- Channels 1 through 6 are pretty standard.
- Channel 7 is used for the governor.
- Channels 8 and 9 are used for the elevator and aileron gain.

Throttle stick position is used to activiate the governor so I do not use/need the #10 lead from the SBE-1 which would otherwise be used for a governor on/off switch on the Tx.

If anyone is using the same Tx/Rx equipment I'd be happy to share my setup file. Just send me a PM with where you'd like it emailed and I'll send it. I will likely still have to explain a few things and how some of the features work with the A9 Tx... But I'd be happy to do so.

Please remember that the setup file I have is NOT trimmed out yet as the model I will be installing everything in is not yet released as of posting this message. All works well on the bench though, in terms of the "features" of the CGY-750 which is the only reason why I thought all of this may be useful (on this particular thread) to anyone who may have been in the same situation as me prior to working through everything... Which was - Will the SBE-1 give me the functions I want out of the CGY-750 with my radio package? I am pleased to say - Yes it does!
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