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Soooo, my 450 is marked for delivery. should have it soon and have to charge up and give it a once over. But do you think i should attempt my first flight in these conditions:

Its been like this for months and this is kind of why i wanted a 450.


ITS HERE! A quick look over and things appear in order. there appears to be loc tite on some of the screws and what not. I have not checked them yet though. I'm not sure if the ESC is stock or not, but new connectors have been soldered onto the ESC and batteries so thats good i guess. Overall for $470 shipped, this is freaking awesome! The blades don't even have scuffs on them and the only real damage i could find are some scratches on the front of the landing skids. The tail slider arm appears to maybe have some damage from a previous crash or repairs. The plastic looks a little warped to me. I will have to see how everything behaves. Todays wind is gusting up to 32mph though so maybe another time. I might strap it to a cinder block and give it a test spool up though. Something odd i noticed is that the TX reverse is set for channel 1, 4 and 6. The setup guide from wow hobbies says 2 and 4 should be. I'll have to go though when the batteries are charged and check things out. I'll check back later.


Well it passed the strap down test so after every thing was charged i took it out to the field. The first pack it flew nice. I just kept it in a tail in hover with some side in passes and slow turns. It flew beautifully. Very smooth and lots and lots of power. After the first pack i checked the motor and it was cool to the touch like it had not even been running. So i waited a minute and strapped in one of the turnigy 2.2 packs. Got my battery alarm installed and put the canopy back on. I suppose i didn't wait long enough because shortly after lift off on the second pack i began to loose lift. I set the helicopter down and unplugged the battery. Rebound the heli and tried again. This time i didn't even get to lift off. The ESC was just smoking. Lovely.
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