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Originally Posted by Motojunk View Post
I'm running the Hobbywing Platinum 60A ESC and have the BEC set to 6v with 4a output. I think my issue with the Voltec servos was the long arm and amount of deflection. They worked fine on the PA plane(limited throws), but were dangerously weak here even on 6v.

How often would you say you change your servos out Doc? I've been beating these Savox 255's up for the better part of the last 9 months so it's failure is understandable. It's been in my PA Extra 260 and most recently the rudder in my 3dHS Edge. I'm still fairly new to the hobby so I'm unfamiliar with the life expectancy of these things. I'm digging these 255's with the resolution they have being digital and the 54oz/in of torque. Slightly more torque than the HS85 so I should be fine with these all around.

I'll most likely upgrade to a separate BEC though now that you mention it. Thanks for bringing that up. Reminds me back when I used to work car audio. We could make crappy stock speakers sound like gold just by putting a quality after-market amplifier to them and tuning it properly. There's power, and then there's quality power. Makes all the difference when you're trying to squeeze every oz of performance out of it.
I have some voltecs in an Ultimate AMR...the elevator as been replaces with a 65mg...the rudder just got a 65mg after the voltec would jitter, and the ailerons are next as they have a ton of free play....overall those servos are garbage
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