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Got some more time with the MXS last weekend on Saturday but unfortunately my ailerons had a ton of blowback. Tried to use the servos from my gutted PA260 for temporary but they just weren't cutting it so I still haven't really gotten to wring her out. On Sunday idk what happened, but on my first flight I was doing a rolling spin into a rolling harrier and the nose just wasn't coming up like I was expecting. Ended up pancaking HARD in the grass I swore the plane was done-for. It still blows me away that the only damage was a few fractures to the formers where the gear mounts and a small tear in the wing where a plant stabbed through. Little tape there, a little CA and some epoxy for good measure on the gear and it's practically new again, minus some tiny covering issues.

After that fuss, I decided to rob my 3DHS Edge's tail and use the Savox SH-0255's for my ailerons. Turns out that now one of those was dying and ended up nearly killing the MXS. The one and only flight I had with it yesterday was by far the scariest flight I have ever had in the hobby. I've never had to work so hard to save a plane before. The aileron inputs were so inconsistent. I think the bad aileron got stuck full deflection, then as I'd try to correct, it would still move, but with a mind of its own, getting stuck along the way at different amounts of deflection. That made for quite a few unexpected rolls as the plane crept closer and closer to the ground. Somehow the nose got pointed up as I was about 20ft from doom and I punched out managing to gain some altitude. Got up to about 80ft by the time I finally managed to get some sort of stable, descending harrier at which point I just let it continue it's decent wherever it happened to go so at least it would pancake wings level again. Managed to set it down without a scratch on the plane or re-breaking the freshly repaired gear, but my knees were shaking beyond belief. Even just thinking about it gets my heart pumping.

I'm so thankful for having purchased a quality airframe. I still have yet to even see this plane's full potential in the air but already I can see it's strength is truly something to be admired. From what I have seen though, I think it's easily going to be my favorite plane in the fleet. The few minutes of time I've had with it, even with the poor ailerons, have been nothing short of awesome. Hopefully I'll get to put a video together next week after I get the servo replaced.
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