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Originally Posted by wparsons View Post
Before you go nuts and overheat another motor/esc, read the gearing charts traxxas has available. Don't try to control torque by running a bigger pinion, electric motors make the most torque at 0 rpm, and will try to draw as much current as they can to spin.

Are you running it on 2s or 3s? That'll make a difference in your gearing choice too.

According to the gearing chart you have room to breathe with a lipo, but base it off of temperature you're seeing, not trying to control torque or what people say *should* work.
Well the reason why I went with the 27t pinion is because the stock rustlers shipped with a 23t installed but also included a 28t pinion if you wanted your truck to go 35+ mph. So i thought 27 might not be pushing it. Honestly I have not yet to press the throttle all the way not once yet...and thats how fast it is....since I'm using a 3s I decided to run it at "training mode" which only provides 50% power to forward and reverse and it still does wheelies even with a 27T pinion. I'm mostly running it at training mode as it seems just about perfect speed for me. I dont have something to clock the speed at but I'll be making a video pretty soon and post it up here to show you guys. Im pretty sure its going 35mph, if not more at training mode (50% power).....and i really cant test the speed at 100% pwr because its too easy to lose control...heck i cant even press the throttle more than like 60%, still does wheelies lol....but yea i'm looking into a wheelie bar....dont want to damage anything....and I will probably keep this at 50% cause I have a crazy brother in law who loves these rc cars i got into and im scared he might crash it into something.

You know what, i got into this stuff less than 2 months ago and i already have like 4 of these lol....right now I have my very first HPI RS4 MT, the WindHobby TPET 1001 4x4 (still new), the Losi xxxT, and of course my favorite the rustler.

Honestly too scared to try this brushless setup in any of the others cause I'm positive if I crash those poor little cars wont be able to take it....but this rustler can take a beating I tell...but who knows for how long lol.
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