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V911 ground effect hover

Well, scratch my last post, that ALSO was a "too big" ... or at least "bigger" heli according to RADD

Anyway, would someone please explain to me what this stuff about ground effect hover and how "bad" the helis behave is all about?
I am really and truly and honestly ANYTHING BUT a good pilot (and I practice a lot less than I probably should to finally advance into the realms of CP "magic" ...) - however, I REALLY cannot understand what it is all about.

Sure, once you lift of, the heli is not as stable as it can "be made" in flight, but really, ground effect ... I always thought that would be much worse with the "big ones", as they move MUCH more air than the "little ones" do ...

So long story short, here is a little 2min vid (as soon as youtube allows this to be uploaded ...) and a picture of the actual setup (with 9X TX as a visualization of dimensions).
I cut the white paper strips off a 8x11.5 letter paper ...

The vid wont be up before late tonight, as my wireless I-net here is just abominably crappy (means I can carry home the computer today again ...)
Anyway, it was yet again giving an estimate of roughly ONE hour to upload a puny 2min vid, that is friggn ridiculous !!!
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