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Originally Posted by Luvmyhelis View Post
One thing I have to mention here. I hate this method. It is hard enough to fly, and now you are flying in ground effect. Most guys I train, I get them up much higher. At least 4 to 5ft. Why? To get around ground effect and give them time to react before the heli hits the ground. If a heli is well setup, self hovering and stable. Doing this you will build confidence much quicker. I teach them to get it up this high, then practice left to right and back. Forward and back. Also best done in a larger room to eliminate prop draft, or outside on a non windy day. Again, Do the close to the ground flying in a small room and not only will you have terrible ground effect but severe buffeting from prop induced currents in the room that will throw the heli around in anything less than 4 to 5ft high.

Just something to think about. And another opinion.

Keep it close to the ground in ground effect mode and it is hard to fly. For anyone. For a newbie the heli now acts unpredictibly. Not good. So, from this point. I disagree with Radds.
Another thing that isn't being mentioned is that these guys (RADD and are starting with bigger helicopters. The last few days, I've been trying to stay inches off the ground with my CX2 and I'm not even staying in a 3 foot box, much less a 1 footer. It looks like I'm starting out with a 6 foot box!! However; when I get 4-5 feet off the ground - much easier to control. 3 foot box is doable. I also notice that I'm spent right about the time my battery is! I know I need to relax and just enjoy myself but it is a bit nerve racking. I guess I'll chill in due time...
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