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Originally Posted by khaled_abobakr View Post

I'm still getting the hang of my ZII .. and noticed something that I want to make sure if it is normal or not

When I try to rock the ZII wing on purpose by continuous Aileron input (right and left, right and left, ... and so on) ... I don't get clean roll motion .. it's combined with a little yaw (Wag)

Can someone please tel me what I should do about it .. ??

Thanks a lot

It's called adverse yaw. As you increase lift you also increase drag, and when you decrease drag you decrease lift. Therefore in say a left turn, the right aileron goes down and increases drag on the right wing. The left aileron goes up and thus decreases lift. So in this situation there will be a yawing tendency to the right (away from direction of roll). This results in a un-coordinated and in this case a slipping turn. Usually you add a bit of rudder into the turn (left roll, left rudder). Most aircraft also have less deflection down on the ailerons to lessen the adverse yaw effect. You can do that through your mixing. I think its under differential. It will soften that yawing effect but it won't completely remove it. Hope this helps.
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