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I have asked several times about this flybar and never got an answer as to how it performs, perhaps without the batteries in it:

I don't need flashing LED's on a flybar, but the flybar itself looks interesting. I don't know if it would be too light without the batteries, though.
Sven, are you suggesting using the CF rods and weights along with the center part Mike showed or what, exactly? The Solo Pro flybar is meant to go with the head for that heli, so, the whole thing cannot be used. They also show two different weights.
Aren't the balls on the flybar different between the CX-2 and the Lama 4?
Mike, if someone were to use the center hub you show and a CF rod, how do you hold the CF rod in place so it doesn't just slide around? If you used the center section from your idea and the weights from Sven's Solo Pro, would one set of weights be used to keep the rod from sliding away from the center and the other weights used on the ends?
My CX-2 and Lama 4 both have the Boomtown shortened flybar with adjustable weights and they work fine.
To eliminate confusion, the heli Sven was referring to is an Esky Lama Version 4 = Lama 4 or maybe V4. Esky also has a Lama 3 that is not the same heli as the Lama 4. It looks different and has different parts and only adds to the confusion.
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