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Originally Posted by eolson View Post
Sorry, I got carried away a little here and did not realize that I am actually in the CX2 thread ... ...

But at the end of the day this should not really be an obstacle impossible to overcome - ever since I got involved with coaxes one of my biggest "pet peeves" (or however they call that) was to try and figure out what parts and pieces are actually interchangeable between which coaxes ... and as the V4 (by Esky) and the CX2 (by Blade) are the most popular ones, I did a LOT of experimenting in this field.

So rest assured, one way or another, this flybar will be adaptable to the CX2, the question will only be "is it feasible beyond the point of just doing it to prove it is possible" (or in other words: most people care a lot about the cost of experimenting - so they will ... let me call it "disapprove" of stuff that is not the best possible solution for the lowest possible price. Me however (in my own limits) I do experiments for the sake of experimenting ... that is why I sunk way too much money into it ... for the benefit of other pilots (even if it only is for them to know what NOT to buy because it didnt work ... (if you look at my blog, there is an awful lot of stuff to pick and see, what did NOT work ... maybe even why ...)

Anyway, this was a waaaay too long answer to a really short question - so I apologize, like I said I got carried away. (Once I know IF, and HOW to use the flybar I talked about on a CX, rest assured you would be able to read that on my blog sooner or later ...

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