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Originally Posted by arnav View Post
Wow, how do you get to charge all your batteries like that? You must be charging them the night before? Its not healthy for lipos to be kept at peek charge for an extended amount of time. The less the better. It weakens them and you will notice a drop in the charge that they will hold over time. I put mine in storage mode, and charge them at a highest C they are rated for right before I use them. I strongly suggest upgrading the stock charger even for a $40-$50 model with an LCD screen:
- It shows you exactly what you are putting in.
- It will have a storage mode to charge the battery to an optimal ~3.8V (50%)
- It will tell you why it stopped charging (complete vs. battery prob)
- It will show the state of the cells as they are being charged.
-You can program charge/discharge cycles
- etc'

I am assuming his question is in relation to the new charger that he got (where he can charge faster than 1C). The new charger will determine automatically the target voltage anyway so you shouldn't have to play with that.
I have the IMAX B6 as well.
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