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I've had a lot of students that use a simulator say that on the "real " thing it is a LOT more sensitive. You have to have a light touch and use very little stick movement on most planes.

Think of it this way: do you have a wife or a pet ? They don't like to be slapped around, your plane doesn't either and both will bite ya good if ya do it.

Another point : Most people try to use to much power to quick. On your hand launch try just putting about 2/3 throttle on and a smooth toss instead of a hard throw. You don't want a rocket type take off, it's not real and not easy to handle.

As far as a ground launch ( ROG ). With most tail draggers people over control and use to much power right off and that just gets them in trouble. Try slowing down and just controling the plane on the ground till you can get it going a little faster a bit at a time. In most cases, full power will just keep you in trouble. ENJOY !!! RED
redh is online now Find More Posts by redh
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