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Regular servo now fitted and all other electronics removed. Decided against using the paired stand-offs supplied with the model and instead used some nylon hex pillars. The reason was that the kit ones set the servo arm a tad low for good travel of the actuator rods. The original "servo" had the servo saver on top which increased its height.
This looks tidy and I tested it with a receiver borrowed from another model and it is very smooth - quite pleased.

I have a bit of egg on my face - when I got the boat yesterday I was surprised how tight the prop was to turn over but put this down to the gearbox, something I have never used before. I found that the drive dog and the shaft retaining collar were hard against the plastic at both ends stopping the prop from freely rotating. Had I picked up on this at the lake I could have seen a more sparkling display. I guess I have to apologize to NQD for comments about the poor performance and instead target their poor assembly and quality control.
I still should have picked up on this but what accountant had bought the boat?

Tomorrow I'll do a PWM drive for the motor but first have to remove it to see what is hanging off the back of it. I can see the usual disc cerami caps for noise suppression but there's something bigger - a radial electrolytic cap. No problem for a relay/battery drive but I don't want it there when I'm PWM switching at 4kHz.
What an exciting 24 hours for that boat - unwrapped, tested, gutted and partially rebuilt.

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