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on my minipopwing i can get up to 15 min on a battery if i throw in coasting half the time. if there are some decent winds i will fly around a bit then jump up high and ride the wind around w/no throttle until i get back down.

coasting like i am doing from 0:50 - 1:05 here. on some winds i can coast about 40-60 yards before having to hit the throttle.
you can see i am getting some good range in this vid also. i have gone probably double the farthest distance you see in the video with the mini. beyond that it's more of an orientation issue than rx range. the orange on one side and stripes on the other help but at some point it becomes just a dot and i have to turn back. the great thing about these though is if i lose orientation i can just cut the throttle and coast a bit until i figure it out. if i try that on say my rare bear i will be planting my prop in the ground real quick (ask me how i know lol).

Lazertoyz MiniPopWing (2 min 49 sec)

if i push WOT the whole time i get about 1/2 that time.

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Wow those are cheap, are they the real deal or the nock offs? Great price either way.
Great video too.
I tested my wing and went as far I could see it and still had total control so I think the issue is handled, you can see it pretty good being as big as it is. The neighbor down the road came over to check it out, LOL he said I was banking my turns over his house. Thats exactly 1/4 mile away, so range is not a problem anymore.

What kind of flight times are people gettin out of em?
I use a couple differant batteries but one example for me is an 1150mah timer set at 8 1/2 minutes and I only pulled 550-650 mah out.
So I tried 850 mah packs and an added weight it the nose 8-8 1/2 minute flights and the charger show it drawing about the same amount out of the pack so its (not totally draining) spot on.
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