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Ok guys, crashed my CX2...again. I had just installed the Boomtown Model 4 boom kit, flybar, unbreakable skids, and a new front canopy. Hovered fine, just a little vibration. Considering I had crashed it into some stadium lights about 80 feet up a while back, it still flies pretty good.

I was flying around this evening in zero wind conditions and started getting a little too much speed coming around in a turn with full FF and pulled back a little to quickly on the stick and had a blade strike. I guess I better move the servo arms back into the stock position.

Any tips on how to recover it when it starts getting squirrely? If I pull back to quickly on the stick it starts wobbling around and going out of control. I usually give it a little more throttle but this time I had a blade strike. Fortunately it was over the grass at about 15 feet up.

No real damage except a crack in the nose and broken blades. At least you can't see the crack.
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