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Originally Posted by Highflight View Post
Just leave 'em lay.

I don't know exactly what the makeup of the local animal demographics are, but I'm thinking that among the "free" ways to clean things up would be:
Mountain Lion (or different kinds of big cats)

That takes care of the initial meat disposal, and then you'd have:\
Any and all other smaller birds
Mice and Rats

And after all that's done, you've got:
Any and all earth bugs.
Beatles (well, there's only two of those still alive so they won't get much done, but I understand that all their kids want to take over )

Finis, done, stuck a fork in it.

You're welcome.
Did you guys hear about the pig farmer in Wisconsin that was forced by the state to shot his piglets ... now where was PETA and the other Tree Huggers on this?!?

It ran on some sites next to the story about the dog who stayed on the freeway to protect its follow fatally hit companion ... I teared up when I read that story ... dogs are better beings than some people!

Wasn't there a share your dog's photo thread on here at one time?


Very sad ... I wouldn't stay by Obama if he were hit on the freeway! <--- shooting piglets OK as long as the State says so <--- This dog should be President of the United States! <--- stays by fellow dog's fallen body

We should have dogs and guns ... then things would work out!
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