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Originally Posted by StarHopper44 View Post
Thx Ted.....and I had checked ServoCity already, too. I've actually looked everywhere I can think of & even some I just dredged up....not like me to not do my 'homework'. *LOL* But that 'wheel' idea might do the trick - thanks!

And for all the other comments, queries & quips.....short answer is, I'm using 'em for something else, & ease of adjustment w/o servo removal is the primary goal, & the 'intermediacy' (sp?) they'll provide, an added convenience. But first, I gotta find the darn things! Is there a thread (looked briefly) where they discuss these 'designing/building stuff' type things??

Back to pull the trigger yet, bud? ETA? Can't wait to hear your P2K impressions!

Yup. Took delivery several weeks ago in fact. I have all of the electronics and bits gathered and set aside but it's still in the build queue for now. Hangar space is another problem now as well.

On the servo horn issue again. If you can't find what you want or one to fit your servo, make one using an existing arm and some thin plywood. Here is an example of an offset dual arm as food for thought. If you only need a single arm, make it look like the one you pictured. Attach to the regular control arm with fine wire or two tiny screws. Harden the area around the holes where the push rod will go with CA.

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