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Walk of Shame Season :)
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Snowman it was an honor to fly Jack211's T_ _ _ T Can't wait to get back out there with it. Thanks so much

Plow Good luck on the 9C that is always a scary situation on a plane that size and a maiden to boot

Stick that was an awesome flight report glad you got the plane back too Ya gotta love those kind a endings, and we now carry a bow and arrow with fish line on it to try and retrieve the planes stuck in high places lol we even used a fishing pole a few times trying to get a mustang down from a 95 foot or better tree top our fishing guys loved that challenge. a sling shot shooting a big bolt and nut with fish line just couldn't get the height. the cowboy lasso toss didn't ebven come close, and I myself climbed a tree next to it as high as I could go maybe 25-30 feet to the top and was fed a nice 40 foot pole we had duct taped 2 20 foot pool skimmer poles together and another 10 foot rod and our 10 foot wind sock pole and still couldn't get close enough to tap it. the bow and arrow was the ticket to get the line to the plane but we still ended up getting a guy with tree climbing equipment to get it as it was now up there for over a week and was caught in it pretty good. we eventually got the plane back and it needed a good repair from the drop when it missed the net and hit the ground LOL and yeah whats going on with the 1.20

CR1 LOL My wife thinks the same

Brathanke Sorry for the oops but yes a quick and pretty repair job for sure was completed Glad to see it wasn't too bad

DOG I love the way the motor sounds also Its nice to finally see it run without a crash as it was in that Garbage ME109 I have and that plane went down every single flight It was the first time that engine actually made the whole flight and landed even though it still nosed over LOL I have to say they gave me aful puny wheels on that edge I didn't even use them and went with the T_ _ _ T 40 wheels I had laying around I might even go to a bigger wheel as our runway is rough.
Does this mean i have to drink Latte with one pinky finger tweaked up?
that or a Frapachino you may need a european hand bag to tote those leccy bats around also
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