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A "dolly copter" is one made up to look like a scale model of an actual bird. Meant for "playing dolls" with or as a shelf queen rather than flying. Sort of a pricy version of a conventional plastic model heli. Think G.I. Joe, Action Man, etc. concept carried over to aircraft.

Ok, so not artillary fire sounds and army men, but barking seal and drowning man sounds and little guys in rubber rafts wearing Mae Wests.

A quad is sort of that flying bedstead look. As I said I don't need a "scale look" machine to be happy but... there are limits. I might as well put the DVR on a long pole and run around with it in the air while making heli noises as fly one of those things. I'd probably just get a kite instead.

I figure a larger tandem coax like an S022 should have just enough oomph to lift one of those micro DVRs without dragging belly and fly outside in very low wind. I really only need just so many videos of the condition of my roof after all, so this doesn't need to be a major investment.

But I got the idea that unlike 10" to 20" length single coax helis this would be a little more practical in very light breeze conditions. Not a true outdoor flyer (even Syma doesn't make that claim) but usable under the right conditions.

I do have single coax helis in that size range, but even then cargo capacity is right at the limit and of course they aren't breezeworthy at all. Even being $100 price range helis as they are, money isn't magic. A coax simply has its limitations. They're even Mode 2, and somehow that bit of wonderfulness doesn't seem to overcome physics either.

The "real S022G" Tx appears to be quite a bit different. 27MHz eye-poker like the S022 but no red sticks and there's an LCD there (which I could live without).

Correction: it looks like the S022 might be 49MHz. Syma's site says 27 for the G though.
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