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Originally Posted by SubtleT View Post
Well as far as I know they're for heading-hold. I've never heard anyone claim they're yaw rate gyros and they don't seem to behave as such. Maybe an actual expert could clarify it - but that's not me! I'm still not sure.

I thought the LiteHawk Duo was a newer product, sort of an S032G knock-off in yellow and Canadian colors? Oops, yep. Nope. Similar to s026 but faster and more precise (at least mine is). Blade Rescue much the same hmm? Just at 4 times the price? The same? No. It's hobby grade 2.4Ghz 4ch mode 2. More expensive - of course. Are you still in denial about the value of a real mode 2 - 4 channel?

I'm interested in tandems only because I want a low-cost higher-payload outdoor heli than a regular coax can offer. I'm not into the "dolly copter" thing but I guess tandems are rare w/o scalish bodies on them. Do you guys leave them on the shelf playing recordings of battle theater radio chatter, or mostly move little army men around making explosion noises and yells of pain? The Duo and Blade Tandem are Rescue Helis - not army. We stage rescues over a choppy bathtub! What's a dolly copter?

For all I care a skeletal frame look would be adequate... well ok, I won't go that far. It is nice if they look like some kind of heli and not a flying bedstead.
How about a quad?

So the S022 seems like a usable platform for low-low-end arial videography, but without the gyro... video viewers would probably get seasick.
It will carry a keychain cam and if you keep the non-gyro model moving, it flys pretty straight. Most tandems are not great outdoors - light breeze only.
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